How to Contribute:

You can contribute in the following ways for the organization.

  • Adopt a service project by annual funding of INR 100,000/-
  • Donate ambulance @INR 800,000/-
  • Donate INR 25,000-pere month for dispensaries and clinics.
  • Monthly contribution of INR 10,000 as running and maintenance cost of an ambulance.
  • Monthly honorarium of INR 8000/-Per head for the itinerant Karyakartas covering the grassroot areas.
  • Assistance of INR 100,00/- as annual running cost of a school.
  • Monthly aid of INR 5,000/- for a Tailoring/Sewing/Weaving training centre.
  • Generous and lavish contribution for corpus fund.

For contribution to the said service activities, please be a patron by donating INR 100,00/-an outstanding Life Member by donating INR 51,000/- And a general Life member by donating INR 11,000/-Kindly do also inspire others to follow suit.